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Improving communication standards!

German quality Gateways, that break communication barriers between people and corporations all over the world. Beronet leads the industry of low and high density PSTN & GSM VoIP access technologies, through VoIP Gateways και PCI/PCIe cards.
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Telephony Appliances

For professionals and integrators who need a reliable hardware solution to connect with any SoftPBX. 

VoIP Gateways

Allows the connection of up to 16 analog devices with any IP PBX.

​Small Business Line

Gateways designed especially for small businesses ranging from devices with 1 BRI port to to 4FXs + 4FXO ports.

Modular Gateways

Gateways that can take up to 2 modules and support up to 128 channels.

Gateway Cards

Modular VoIP gateways that connect directly to the PC with PCI and PCIe connectors, able to carry 2 modules.

Failover Switch

An effective way for dealing with failovers by re-routing the lines to a back-up line when undesirable changes are detected.