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A world-class Enterprise Security brand defined by innovation and efficiency. Seqrite combines information and application analysis with cutting edge technology to offer the best possible security. Seqrite is supported by Quick Heal, a producer of cyber-security solutions with experience of over two decades. Today, Seqrite products are responsible for the network security of millions of customers in more than 80 countries.
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Endpoint Security 
with DLP

Scans, controls, monitors and finds security gaps in the systems. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) classifies sensitive data according to predefined policies. It monitors, oversees, protects and reports anything that is relevant to sensitive data. Powered by GoDeep.AI.

Endpoint Security Cloud

A secure management console for all Endpoints and UTMs in the network, accessible from any geographic position. It has a simple and fast User Interface that allows the administrator to remotely control and manage security of the whole network. 

Encryption Manager

The computer's last line of defense. It uses four different kinds of encryption algorithms that protect the whole disk or parts of it, as well removable storage devices like external disks, USB flash drives etc. 


A multi-level security device that features gateway anti-virus with email protection, a powerful firewall and DLP. An advanced IDS/IPS monitors traffic in real time, detects and stops DoS and DDoS attacks.

Mobile Security

mSuite and MobiSMART protect your data when you are working with your smart phone. MobiSMART is a secure mobile environment the features a 256-bit FIPS compliant encryption. mSuite manages all mobile devices, the apps and permissions and of course the data.