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Who is MAXHUB?

As an innovation-driven team, MAXHUB focuses on developing collaboration solutions that enable immersive communications. Since established in 2017, we have enhanced team creativity and productivity worldwide by providing advanced audio-visual technologies and one-stop solutions.

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Interactive Flat Panel 

By intergrating the functions of projectors whiteboard, advertising signage, computer, microphone, audio, etc, MAXHUB interactive displays cloud satisfy the needs of local meetings and remote collaborations. 

Commercial Display 

Taking simplicity, safety and flexibility to new levels. MAXHUB commercial display solutions make every team more effective, and every meeting more productive. 

Led Display

MAXHUB all-in-one LED supplements the product line-up, offering a complete solution portfolio that covers various kinds of display needs.

Unified Communications 

MAXHUB provides UC solutions for different conference spaces, from huddle room to large muti-purpose hall. MAXHUB video conferencing and collaboration is scalable and highly adaptable.


To improve the user experience, MAXHUB provides flexible accessories options.